What’s new in Android 11?

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It’s been a year since Android 10, and it is time for Google to show us the latest version – Android 11. It should be released in Q3 of 2020, probably around mid-September 2020. Let’s not waste time and just right into the new features and updates of Android 11. 

What’s new in Android 11? 

Android is already very feature-rich, but you will see some slight improvements that are worth mentioning. This is the list of new features and changes that we are going to see very soon: 

  1. Built-in screen recording. Finally, we will have the chance to take not only screenshots, but also videos without third-party apps. This is a useful feature for the mobile gamer who wants to upload gameplay videos or even for an average consumer who wants to show a step-by-step guide for their elder. 
  2. Mute notifications while a video is on. No more beep sounds when you are Netflixing. We were desperately waiting for this one for years. You can also enjoy online videos without annoying notification from social media apps. 
  3. Increased touch sensitivity. This feature can help Android users who like to put extremely strong screen protectors. Small upgrade, but it can improve the overall feeling.
  4. Notification history. Now, if you dismissed a notification, you can still be able to find it in the history of all notifications. The notifications are a mess for a long time. At least now you can search inside them easily. 
  5. App permissions auto-revoke. Google will auto-revoke permissions like microphone, camera, etc. of apps, that you haven’t used in a while. A clever little feature that I like. 
  6. COVID 19 Exposure Notification API. Not sure if this will be really helpful, but there it is. Devs will be able to use the API for COVID-19 apps. Probably it won’t be used at all, but at least it was a nice PR move. 

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Small updates:

  • Updated power menu
  • New screenshot interface
  • Revamped menus and shortcuts
  • Quick “select text” button in the overview menu
  • The media player moves from the notifications to quick settings – it is a bit more comfortable there, I must admit. 
  • Airplane mode keeps Bluetooth on – Perfect for those who use Bluetooth headphones. Maybe bad for the airplanes? Who knows.  
  • Better voice access capabilities allow you to perform actions with your voice in a natural way. Now you can directly say the function, instead of saying the number on the screen that correspond. 
  • Chat bubbles will be more present. You are probably familiar with it. Facebook use it for a long time.  
  • Separate icons for different 5g networks. Because up until now, everything was showing 5g even if it is actually 4g
  • Auto-activated dark mode depending on the time of the day. 
  • One-time permissions for apps. iOS has this from some time already. Now Android 11 caught up.

What I am missing still

These are a few new features that I want from Google:

  • Screenshot feature. It is so lovely to be able to make a panoramic-like screenshot of a complete web page and read it later. Also, you can use it to save a whole chat with somebody. 
  • Desktop mode. This is a very niche desire, but I would really like to have a desktop mode. That way I can use my mobile when I am on holiday, with whatever screen there is in the hotel. 

We are currently in Android 11 Beta 3, so we can expect almost all of these new features to stay in the final version. We are just a few days away until Google releases it.  

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